Symphony: For all your CATI needs
Symphony Research provides telephone (CATI) interviewing services to the New Zealand research industry

Previously the Research International call centre, the Symphony team draws on over 20 years CATI experience. Symphony’s experience spans ad hoc and tracking studies in both the Consumer and Business environment. Our interviewing has covered industries/categories as diverse as automotive, financial services, agriculture, government (both local and central), retail and fast moving consumer goods

Along with CATI, Symphony can satisfy all your data processing needs
Catalyst 3 For data analysis software,bespoke software solutions and data warehousing

Catalyst offers data analysis software and solutions for running surveys across mobile phones.

For researchers it offers:
Intuitive Tab & Graph
Powerful statistical tools (incl TUR, Correspondence Maps, CHAID, K-Means, ASSPATTs, correlations, sig tests)
Unique analytics and displays
Tools that facilitate work shopping and future focussed
For research users it offers:
The ability to run Tab and Graph
The ability to create your own normative database
The ability to link stimulus, reports and video to study data for easy access.
The ability to link post launch data to allow for market potential modelling

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OnePoint Global: Real-time insight via mobile surveys

Mobile allows you to engage ‘in-the-moment’ capturing powerful, immediate and quality insight. Mobile facilitates this like no other method

Our partnership with OnePoint Global, the global market leader in mobile research technologies, enables mobile research to be undertaken on any mobile handset, including tablet devices and offer multiple mobile data collection channels including, SMS, Mobile web, mobile application, voice and ‘choice’ which enables customers to select their preferred channel. This broad reach nurtures high response rates and high levels of customer engagement

OnePoint Global has been a pioneer in mobile research since 2006. No other company can match their knowledge, experience or mobile survey platform capability. OnePoint Global have completed over 30,000 projects in 74 countries and support 6 of the top 7 global research agencies and many major global brands

By enabling mobile research to be carried out on any handset, in any language and in any country we are truly leading the way in mobile research in Australasia

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